Saturday, March 17, 2012

Girls gotta eat

The fights took part every weekend. There were no rules so every weapon was allowed. Of course nobody used firearms those were kind of frowened upon. Cat had seen people using bow and arrow. Not a smart choice of weapon in her opinon but some people got got so scared when seeing them that they were not able to have on clear thought. Of course did Cat not belong to those. Only one guy once tried that with her after that bows got out of fashion. She had looked at him for a while then ran to him and cut the bowstring. Without the tension of the string the bow hit the other fighter in the face and made him loose so much concentration that Cat was able to put one of her knives on his throat. It was an easy fight in her opinion. But it was the fight which finally got her the respect she wanted. The fights were a good and easy way to get money. She lived now for a year pretty well from them. Sometimes she got hurt badly and she did not win every fight but it was going well. Of course she would have a secure and less painfull income if she would still work in an office as she had done before but this had been boring and Cat was a being of the street. Her childhood had been a mix of fights and calm time in corners waiting for what would happen next. She did not know anymore what had made her work in a office maybe she had not seen an other way. But with those fights she had found one. Some saw the fact that she had paws as weakness. They tried to stomp onto them while wearing heavy boots. A tactic which wasn't dumb but lacking of elegance. Normaly Cat reacted with grabbing the drink of somebody from the audience and spilling it on the floor. It was rare that her opponents had a clue how to fight on a wet underground and she was able to feel how slick every centimetre under her paws was. Others tried to flirt with her before the fights. Cat was always surprised that they thought she would fight less hard with them because of that. The surprise of those guys was quite bigger when they lost at the end the fight with her. But Girls gotta eat. Or at least have enough money to buy a nice collection of knives.
Ready for the fight
As roleplaying in Lost Angels it was not possible to oversee, how well the Tactical Throwing Knives from Messer Co. go with some outfits. Although not being into fighting there was no different way than buying them. Which was a good decision as the description on the vendor was pure understatement. Beside the fact that the knives can be used as throwing knives and as melee weapon and have special ccs attacks, they have a great menu which offers many choices for the design of the knives. Its possible to resize the sheaths and to choose if those should be worn with straps or not. A nice idea is that its possible to resize the straps seperated from the sheaths. There are several designs for the knives, they can be black or bloodcovered for example. Beside the eight appearance options of the knives there are three for the sheaths. On the ccs side – CCS is the abbreviation of Community Combat System which is the combat system which is being used in Lost Angels – the special buffs the weapons offer cost up to three racial points. Using the buffs the knives cause a higher damage and allow to steal the stamina of the opponent in a fight. Those who are not into ccs fighting can switch the knives to linden damage and use them at places where this kind of damage is activated.
The next wave of the Zombie Popcorn Brand started today. Sakide made a skintight outfit for this event. It comes with two kind of tops - one in black and one in white- which are both also included in a sheer version. The pants also belong to this set which also containes shoes. There are two versions of the pants included one with closed and one with open zipper. The paws with the barbwire and the bloody legwarmers are available in the same event. They come from epic. And of course they are wellmade. The design looks great and for those who prefer hooves there is also a version with two kinds of hooves (black and white ones) available.

Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Lost City Outfit (150 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Brand)
Paws: *Epic* -ZP- Barbs & Blood Slouchie Digi Warmers {Paw} (219 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Brand)
Tattoo: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ CATACLYSM (550 L$)
Knives: [M e s s e r Co.] Tactical Throwing Knives (1200 L$)

The pose on the picture is unfortunatly not available anymore but its worth to explore Little China, the sim where the picture has been taken. The location is actually under the sim in the sewer system.

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