Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chasing The Kraken

Captain Kitty Shadowsail never felt so angry and impotent in her entire life. Her beloved clipper was stranded and seriously damaged, the cargo was floating around the wreck, the crew fled… they were cowards anyway, she thought while she wanted to skin them alive. 

Her family had dedicated themselves to hunting down the Kraken. She was never allowed to forget about this quest… and if she was to give up, a glance at her Grandad’s gold pocket watch was enough to rekindle the fire in her chest. Grandad was fabulous, he had told her so many lovely and frightening stories about the gigantic octopus he and his forefathers had been chasing around the globe. Yes, Captain Kitty was a true member of the Shadowsail clan, she had already lost an eye during a particularly vicious encounter with the Kraken… and now she lost her beloved ship. What a shame.

Pirate Stranded

Yet… Captain Kitty suddenly felt weird. She heard a sound… a hated, yet way too familiar sound… the deep booming voice of the Kraken. It was singing, and it was singing for her, wanting her back, wanting her to continue the eternal chase. Captain Kitty listened, and she suddenly felt revived. Oh yes, she was to rebuild the clipper, she was to restart the hunt. She listened to the song of the Kraken, she grabbed her Grandad’s pocket watch with a defiant yet happy smile, and in her single feline eye there glowed a wild unextinguishable fire. 

Song Of The Kraken

„Steam the Hunt 6” is on, and many shops offer lovely gifts for the indefatigable hunter. I’m a great fan of the Victorian Steampunk style, so this hunt is a true prizes galore for me. Let me show you some of my favourites here… and if you want more, check out the hunt locations and hints here. The hunt will end on March 31st so you have some time to complete the challenge.

Outfit: = Brain Circuit Inc. = Sea Voyager (Female Outfit), including the mechanical eye patch, tool belt and tricorn hat - Steam6 Hunt gift (0 L$).
Boots: A&S Visions Aftershok Steam Boots - Steam6 Hunt gift (0 L$).
Watch: *Amaranthus* Compass Rose Pocket-Watch Antique Gold - Steam6 Hunt gift (0 L$).
Hair: „D!va” hair „Akane” group gift in Topaz (0 L$ and it’s free to join the group).
Skin: ::Mother Goose’s:: Jamil-II(B) Lucky Board gift (0 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Feral Eyes in Ginger (it was a formal hunt gift, now it’s available for 65 L$, the 6-pair pack is 260 L$).
Poses: Embody M Flex No. 3. in the first picture (it was a formal hunt gift, now it’s available for 49 L$, the 5-pose pack is 199 L$), HelaMiyo Look In The Sky No. 5. in the second picture (free pose pack gift available in the shop). 

The pictures were taken at the Black Spot Shipyard, a must-see for all aspiring SL pirates. :)


  1. Oh Ursula thats a great post. Im so happy that you joined us. And the pictures are so steampunk theme fitting. I love the colours.

  2. Dagmar, I confess I decided I was to imitate you and invent some interesting background story for the outfits – this is what makes EE so unique, you know. :) I’m really happy you like the outcome, and I’m even happier than I could publish my first ever blog entry exactly here. Thank you for inviting me! :) :)

  3. OH!! welcome to the team and fabulous first post! <3 it!

    1. Thank you, Fauna, it's a great feeling to be part of this crew! :)