Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FallnAngel at Fashion for life

More deliciousness from the Fashion for life event and this time it's from FallnAngel creations. I love a bit of costumery from time to time and none more so that a big fancy bustle, so the Victorian feel of the Anna gown is right up my street, the kimono's too,I'm sure you'll agree are pretty exquisite.

For a little extra drama I decided to wear skins from Matrioska doll skins which is a subsidiary of blue blood. There are 3 tones to opt for with each skin, and a tattoo make layer to add for extra dramatic effect, so here's the blurb if you like what you see.....

Top picture

Hair: 200L - Carrie - moody brown >
Skin: 300L - Deva (with tattoo layer) - skintone 1 > Matrioska
Kimono: 599L - Elaborate & urban kimono > FallnAngel creations
Poses with parasol: 149L for 6 poses - Geisha umbrella > Magnifique

Bottom picture
Hair: 200L - Carrie - moody brown >
Skin: 300L - Fantasy - skintone 2 (with samara tattoo layer) > Matrioska
Outfit: 599L - Anna gown > FallnAngel creations

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