Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello.. I'm a bit Twisted

She smiled from the depths of the dark and twisted forest, in the darkness, she seemed to exude a pale light, not pure and bright, but something else, something with an edge of magic to it, not wholesome and good. As she moved, the long flowing gown smoothed over the leaf litter carpeting the dark wood, she stepped with barely a sound. The wide sleeves accentuated her movements, not snagging on branches as she passed, their material left no trace, unharmed by the thorns that surrounded her. As she passed, her hand caressed the gnarled trunk of one of the twisted trees, pale skin with its odd light, tapering fingers curled around the bough, long, clawlike nails scoring into the wood. Reaching a clearing, one  hand came to her throat, loosening the tooled leather collar that rested there, letting it fall along with the silk of the gown that slipped so easily from her shoulders. Turning to meet the stars shining through the gap in the twisting branches, a lace veil now shielded her eyes, as the markings on her skin grew darker, her own darkness ready to commune with the moonlight.


As the moonlight bathed her skin, it darkened, everything about her changing, the soft glow that had come from her now focused, seeming to come from her eyes, from curiously shaped markings on her skin. Her hair lengthened, twisting like vines, darkening as it grew, black tendrils reaching out into the night. crouching low, the ritual of her hunt had begun.


All items named are from the current March 2012 Twisted Hunt. For those who have not attempted it before, it's a little different from your usual hunt, as it is commonly called 'The hardest hunt in SL'. I've always done Twisted, there are some great stores, and some amazing prizes, from shapes and skins, to whole avs and houses, along with all the furniture you could need to fill them. There are no hints, other than those volunteers give out in group chat. Group chat is invaluable for this hunt, so try to have a free slot to join. While no hints are available on a blog, there is general guide to the hunt, and a list of all 170 stores, and their SLurls, so if you get truly stuck, you can skip, and go back later. At the end of it all, if your sanity is still intact, you can try your nerve against the Twisted Endgame for still more prizes.  Complete it all, get all the prizes, and you earn your tag of 'Survivor'.

Image 1

Eyes : The Little Bat : Arcane eyes (Teal)
Skin : The Attic : Arcane Female Light
Collar : [bubble] : Ritual Posture Collar
Nails : [Virtual/Insanity] : Kitty Galore Sharp Claws
Dress : Likka*House : Arcane Gown

Image 1 Inset

Mask : Bliensen + Maitai : Arcane lace mask - Rainy
Tattoo : Hysteria : The sacred and the profane

Image 2
Skin : The Little Bat : Arcane Drow Female / grey
Nails - as above
Eyes : Repulse : Mystic eyes Aqua
Pose : Del May : Twisted Arcane Leo


  1. Those are great outfits. And you are right the twisted hunt is one which is always so difficult. I actually avoid it because of this.

    This is a great first post and Im very happy that you joined our team.

    <3 Dagmar

  2. \o/ That's partly why I like Twisted so much. It makes all other hunts seem easy!

  3. Welcome to the team and a fabulous first post, I especially like the 2nd picture it's so dramatic <3