Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fashion for life

Over the next few days I shall be covering a number of items from Fashion for life, it's an incredible charity event for Cancer with so many designers on board making amazing creations for such a worthy cause. There's a lot to say about this but i'll keep it as brief as possible and you can gather more info from  THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

So here's the low down, there are over 200 stores participating over 10 sims all individually named which include a hunt, gacha's and unique sale items created for the event. There is also an entertainment sim in which to have a bit of fun and socialise, what reason have you got to not take part?

Today I'm opting for skins by Hush which can be found at  Dream seekers zeit  Hush has 4 make- up different skins in the 'Amy' range, each one has 6 different skin tone, 3 brow & 2 cleavage options. There's also a modifiable shape and eyelashes in each pack. I've picked out 3 different makes ups each with a different tone for you to see.

 From left to right :

Glossy grape in cocoa
Kiss me blue in honey     500L each by Hush > > Fashion for life
Tangerine kiss in sugar

The eyes are Hypnoteyes in mercury, a hunt item which comes in a pack of 4 for 50L by Silken moon which can be found on Dream seekers Momentum

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