Friday, March 16, 2012

Wrong Time

It had started some years ago. Lights wandering around in the garden in the night. Ghosts were normal in this area. Every bigger house had one or two of them. Sometimes people even tried to get a second ghost when they had allready one. Like those beings would be lonely bunnies or cats. Often this ended not too well with ectoplasm all over the place. Ghosts did not want to share their territory. And some seemed to be quite happy to be alone. But all of them had in common that they only appeared in the night. This one was for some time still active in the early morning and then she stayed longer and longer until she was wandering around all night and day. She didn't do anything which was aggressive or threatening in any way. But then people thought that she was a human well one with a bit strange skin colour but human. And somehow she seemed to interact with people. Which was annoying. Not that she waved to people who walked nearby she also accepted the neighbours post. The first had been bearable but the second was not acceptable. It seemed like it was time to get a second ghost.
The ghost woman

Fashion for Life is still going on. The sims are pretty and worth a look. The kimono gown on the picture is one of the donation items from Schön. It has a cut at the side and can be worn on several ways. I like the option to wear it with a collar with a cape or without that cape. The skirt is included in several versions and the obi can be worn with and without the bow. The shape is an other fashion for life item. It comes from Sophistishapes. The set contains also a shape to use with system skirts and a modelshape. It goes pretty well with the skin from Katsucide. The skin is available in several makeups. All sets contain a version with and one without cleavage.
Today many stores which take part at fashion for life set one or more items on 55 L$. So its a chance to make a bargain there.
The hair is the latest release from Wasabi Pills. Its called Kumi and also available in a version with a pony tail at the side. Its very cute and as always available in many colours. Beside this its made of mesh and well rigged. The set contains two sizes one for avatars with bigger boobs and one for those with a bit less.
The pose on the picture is available at the current round of flux. It comes from Status.

Dress: ::Schoen:: Kimono gown "Sei" (55 L$ only today Fashion for life item)
Shape: Sophistishapes - ANGEL (1000 L$ Fashion for life item)
Skin: [Katsucide] Sandra Cendre - Tan - (4800 L$ Fatpack, 800 L$ one makeup sold at Fashion for Life)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Amandine Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)

Pose: STATUS - Onomatopoeia (100 L$ for 5 poses sold at FLUX)

The picture has been taken at Fashion for Life.

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