Monday, December 13, 2010

Dancing for Strawberries

Being in a huge need for strawberries. And as its possible to let it rain by some raindances it might also work for strawberries. So spending some time in the greenhouse with dancing. Jumping from foot to foot waving wild with the arms and dancing and dancing. Even singing loud.
But then recognizing that there aren t any strawberry plants in the greenhouse. Caused some time of pondering. But at least the carrots might grow faster this year.
The Strawberry outfit from *Kretch-Up!* ist just cute. It was planed as outfit for children but well the outfit kind of grew up so that it also fits adults now. It comes with trousers, shoes, and a shirt. But the best of the outfit is the hood in my opinion. You could wear a scripted one in black or you wear the lovely strawberry one i just loved when seeing it the first time. Also included in the set is hair in many colours to wear with the hoodie. The hair is made so that nothing sticks out through the sides of the hoodies.

Outfit: *Kretch-Up!* strawberry outfit (180 Linden)

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