Friday, December 17, 2010

Having been hunting

Spending a bit time on pole dancing to test the stability of the cloth this corset is being made of. And it works well. The corset is the hunt item from shush in the hunt. Its lovely and classic. Corset: .:Shush. Depraved hunt prize

Ducknipple also takes part in some hunt this month. The outfits are well textured as they always are and cute. The skirt in the middle is from blow-up. The boots are from and they are even dollarbies.

1: .:Ducknipple:. CH gift from Ducknipple (0 Linden)
2: .:Ducknipple:. Happy holidays huntgift from Ducknipple :) (10 Linden)
Top: .:Ducknipple:. ZPH3 gift from Ducknipple (0 Linden)
Skirt: 35.:* CH *:. Blow - up (0 Linden)
4: .:Ducknipple:. Depraved hunt gift from Ducknipple (0 Linden)
5: .:Ducknipple:. Xmashunt gift from Ducknipple (0 Linden)
Boots: Enky's Dollar$tore : .*Courtisane*. Marie Lu Brown (1 $)

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