Sunday, December 12, 2010

For the love of ice festival

I have to admit im way to late for my for the love of ice festival. But its now going on for a while so there are not so many people on the sim anymore what means a lagless time shopping. And admiring the very pretty sim without lag too.

Many great stores take part in for the love of ice. You could look them up at the for the love of website.

So when having to spend december in a hotel because the heaters in your home broke the earwarmers will not only keep your ears warm they also keep you from hearing things you don t want to hear or shouldn t hear. Outfit: =[Pom.Pon]= Oh My... Snowflake Outfit (includes the shoes) (100 Linden)
Legwarmers: Kis Kis . Plum Legwarmers (115 Linden not exclusive for the love of ice so you could also get them in the mainstore)

For sleeping and reading quietly in your room this hunt outfit from Ingenue and Grixdale is perfect. Although the wonderful bracelets might
Scarf: Ingenue :: Remember Me :: 5 Colour Pack (FTLO Hunt Gift)
Leggins and top: Grixdale - Open Me - (FTLO Hunt items)
Bracelets: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelets :: BAIKAL :: (100 Linden)

For sleeping those nice undies from Cool Beans are great.
Undies: ::COOL BEANS:: Almost Nighties
Tattoo: ..: LiQSuM :.. "Sinfully Yours" Tattoo (Female)

Although you shoulnd t sleep on the floor in them (without the earwarmers as you might hear something you shouldn t hear)
Wounds: {Ŧalleи Đøll} : Beat to Shit Tattoo

So it might be a good idea to walk to the subway station to search for a new place to stay.
Dress: =Razorblade Jacket= Ice Dress BOX
Armwarmers: *Epic* FTLO Ice Exclusive Sparkle Arm Warmers
Shoes:*Epic* FTLO Ice Exclusive Sparkle Snow Cute Boots
Leggins: Grixdale - Open Me - Leggings for FTLO

Being dressed up as deer you might find a true four legged friend in the forest. But its the question if you really want that.
Antlers and Glasses: .::ODB::. FTLO...Red Set
Shirt: .::ODB::. Flake T
Leggins: Grixdale - Open Me - Leggings for FTLO - forest

Just some nice underwear might let you feel much better although its a bit cold. But the boots and the arm warmers are rather warm so it might work.
Body: Vilda : Frozen Cold

A jacket is a way better way of clothing for snow and this one also has a great colour.
Jacket: Sonic Death Monkey~Women's Item : Grausawm Jacket

If you prefer being dressed like a snow princess this blue gown is even better. The topfrills are made of big snowflakes and the headdress is also made that way.
Gown: *evie* Ice Queen Gown

But from the cold your nose might become a bit red. But with that makeup all people will look at your eyes instead at your nose.
Skin: Kis Kis . Usva Skin 1 - Dancing In The Snow (100 Linden and its so cute)
Makeup: *evie* Ice Queen Makeup - Black

If having eaten to many cookies. This black training suit from bubble is perfect for some winter sport. The cap will keep your ears warm.
Trainingsuit: [ bubble ] Training Suit -FTLO Ice Festival
Hair: CriCri+KnitCap.F-FTLO Hunt

Our you just go for a nice walk in the snow. Wearing a sweater instead of the top of the trainingsuit.
Sweater: #ViLada. ::FTLO:: Sweet Sweater
Scarf: ViLada Pink Scarf (0 Linden Huntgift)

When being warm from all the walking and running. You could get cold feet by walking barefoot over ice and wearing not really much.
Outfit: Kid Asia's : Slouch
Hair with Cap: CriCri+KnitCap.F (100 Linden)
Necklace: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Necklace :: LENA ::

You also could spend some time on having a very late breakfast in the dark. Wrapping yourself together on your chair while your tea slowly starts to freeze.
Table with decorations on it and so many poses in the chairs: :CeekyPea: Winter Snack

When its finally x-mas its time to dress up in your favourite dress with a wonderful scarf as nice extra to go and get all the presents you dreamed of.
Dress: Ingenue :: Cadeau :: Frost (FTLO Festival) (100 Linden)
Scarf: Ingenue :: Remember Me :: 5 Colour Pack (FTLO Hunt Gift)

I do not have the price of all items in this post but their range should be between 0 and 100 Linden. So take the time and visit the for the love of ice festival and enjoy the sim the decorations and search for the snowflakes which contain the hunt gifts.

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