Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some free and some none free stuff for xmas

Trying to eat more than 5 candy canes at once but it does not work at all.
The blue shirt comes from arnandi. It could either be worn with or without the long sleves. The trousers come from the lucky board from in the kdc mall. You have to be a member of the mall group to be able to win there. Top: [arnadi] - Long Tshirt Oh My Jesus! (0$ xmas groupgift )
Jeans: !129129**050 Jeans Red (0 $ lucky board)

Pinky gals have x-mas lucky boards again. You could win a dress. I won the red version. The dress comes with a head and has many bows and frills. The legwarmers and the flats are from Virtual insanity. They are cute and i like the little candy canes in the legwarmers very much.
Dress: PINKY*GALS GL DRESS(red) (0$ Lucky chair)
Legwarmers and shoes: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] .:* CHRISTMAS HUNT *:. Giftie ^-^

Virtual insanity also has some cool x-mas face tattoos. This one says "Im your pressent un wrap me". There are also others available like Santa's slut or one about being on the naughty list. The idea is great and they are also available in a version which looks like being written with lipstick.
Facetattoo: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] I'M UR PRESENT (Black Marquor) (100$)

Ruru@pino takes part in the christmas hunt. The gift is a red dress with some feathers. I like that the designer didn t use the typical "Coca Cola Red". There is also still a groupgift available an orange yellow black dress which has been a halloween gift.
Left: Ruru@Tear: Ruru@Tear [Ruimu] (0$ Groupgift)
Right: Ruru@Tear: 06 .:* CH *:.*...Ruru@Pino...* (0$ Huntgift)

Sometimes people who play the drums all day and are not able to keep the beat steady are annoying. So this little drummer girl got all beaten up by somebody who hoped that she finally might learn on this way to beat her drum in a constant way. The oufit is on the lucky chair. Unfortunaly its not possible to modify the skirt so the dress only fits normal sized avatars.
Outfit: Crave-Drummer Girl Complete Outfit (0 $ Lucky chair)
Skin: Aliza Karu Style : Blood Mary skin, 450 (0 $ Lucky chair)

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