Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Halcali News

Halcali is a store for elegant clothes. They just released some new outfits. You could find Halcali in the KDC Mall a very well designed Mall with mainly japanese stores.

This short dress with the boa and the flower on the shoulder is perfect for christmas eve. Its short its elegant and you always have a reason when wearing it not to take part in going for a walk on christmas.
Dress: Halcali:::Hounds tooth pattern Dress [black] (260 Linden)

This knitted suit might be a bit warmer. You also could wear for example a nice top under it or if you plan to make somebody nervous it should work with wearing a bra under the suit. The set includes a short skirt. The dresses all fit smaller avis without problems and if not you could modify them.
Oufit: Halcali:::Tweed Suit [black] (320 $)

Halcali also released two outfits with trousers. One in a version for men and one for women. the version for men comes with a black knit shirt and fitting trousers. The cuffs of the trousers are a bit wider than in the outfit for women. The outfit for women comes with a white sweater and a black flower on the collar.

Left: Halcali:::turtle sweater & pants M [black] (240 $)
Right: Halcali:::turtle sweater & pants F [white] (260 $)

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