Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weather problems

Igraene always had problems with the weather. Not real problems. She liked every kind of weather. She loved the sound of snow under her boots, and enjoyed the feeling of raindrops on her skin. In summer she loved the warm wind and seeing the flowers in bloom. But she never managed to dress fitting to the weather. In winter it normaly happend that she looked out of the window seeing sunshine and starting to suppose that it is spring again. After having choosen a short dress she spend then all day with freezing and being angry on herself. When planing to go to explore some caves near a vulcano she decided to wear a long dress as supposing that it would be cold in the caves. But of course she had forgotten that she was going to visit caves near a vulcano so she spend some hours sweating.
OThe Anariel Gown is currently on the Caverna Obscura Lucky board. Its a wonderful fantasy dress which is great for roleplay. As all items from that store it comes with many possibilities to wear it. For example its also possible to wear the dress without the vest. You have to be a member of Caverna Obscura to be able to win at the lucky board. The membership fee is 500 Linden.
The pictures have been taken at Shadowfield. A very lovely castle which is great for seasonal pictures.

Dress: Anariel Gown Only ~PURPLE~ by Caverna Obscura (0 Linden Lucky board or 475 Linden)

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