Thursday, February 24, 2011

Leaping into spring?

 Spring is my favourite season of the year without any doubt. The sun starts to appear after a long winter snooze HURRAH shouts I , because I swear that I am solar powered, but also I get excited about the clothes that designers will put in store to reflect spring. I found a few at the moment that I feel encapsulates that mood and today I wear this marvelous skirt & t.shirt which is a TVDH ( hunt )  item from Y&R a current favourite store of mine so watch out for more!

Hair: Free group gift > Liriope
Scarf: L$25 > The fashion Garret
Outfit: Free TVDH ( hunt item) >Y&R
Leg warmers: Free group gift > Jane
Shoes: Free group gift > Tram
Bag: Free group gift ( please note that whilst the store has closed  Esora still gives free group gifts) > Esora

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