Monday, February 21, 2011

Hot pants! sssssss

Trying to walk down a glass staircase is never easy at the best of times, especially when teetering around in heels and being aware that you're wearing the the shortest of shorts! ok ok they're hot pants and aren't they just the most amazing hot pants you've ever seen! I felt super glam in this outfit today that I just fancied walking around the most populated areas jiggling my little bottom ...well that was the plan but lag made me walk into a river instead! no so glam pfft! Anyway pick up a pair of these hoty hoty hot pants by joining LeeZu group or in fact try joining Vain inc group there a few more little gifties in the notices too!

Hair: Free gift > Yuna's hair
Glasses: Free lucky board item >Kumaki glasses style
Jacket: Free group gift > Latte
Necklace: L$20 imitation black pearl > Izm
Vest : Free intrinsic tank - pinks > Jane
Hot pants: Free group gift > LeeZu
Stockings: Free group gift - purple .> Modd.G
Socks: Were from Izm but have vanished from display..sorry.

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