Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Suiting white

Being caught in a dream. Fragments of the idea of fish swimming around while a giant tower arises.
The white body is the gift on the Diapop Luckyboard. Somehow the name of the outfit "come discover me" reminds me very much on the title of the first Moloko LP "Do You Like My Tight Sweater". Which fits as Dianne and Soma the owners of Somapop and Diapop normaly are dancing and djing when i meet them. But i have to admit i have no clue if they like Moloko.

Body Suit front

Not only at the backside it is very well seeable how well Dianne could deal with the normal clothing layers. Just because of the texture it looks like there would be a band between the both sides of the body. On the frontside it looks like there would be lace inserted between cloth which looks a bit like cotton. The body comes on all layers so it is possible to wear for example leggins under it. It also should work as a sportoutfit. The necklace comes from Alchemy Immortalis. Ages ago i blogged it here. And it still seems to be on sale for 99$ on the marketplace. Its a wonderful piece of jewelery and worth every linden.

Body Suit back
Body: * [DIAPOP] * come discover me - body suit (0$ Lucky board)
Necklace: ! * )AI ( Ami amet deli pencet Ivy Choker (99 Linden)

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