Thursday, February 24, 2011

A fine romance [5]

Her work for Auguste was complete, he seemed entirely thrilled with it and took to displaying immediately. He had paid her enough to keep her in Paris for a few more months, but Paris was very expensive and she knew that this money would keep her much longer elsewhere, so now she had the dilemma of whether to stay or move on.

Although she had an overwhelming feeling that she had unfinished business with Paris, still she had to be practical, for it was her art from which she made a living, and there was never any guarantee when the next opportunity would come along. Someone who knew this only too well was Pascal, a struggling artist who worked as a waiter for Auguste. Pascal had an arrangement with Auguste whereby he lived in a room above Cafe Guerbois rent free, and in return Pascal would make artworks for Auguste's collection.

In her time painting at Cafe Guerbois, she and Pascal had got along enormously, for they shared so many common interests. She adored Pascals' sense of humour, adventure and creativity and also how ruggedly handsome he looked in his slackerwear. Although they were both artists their talents could not be more different, whilst she  loved to work with oils, pastels & watercolours, his real passion was silversmithing, a talent which was more a secret than anything, as he never seemed to have time for, what with working at the Cafe and earning his keep in paintings for Auguste.

Pascal had been her first thought when she had received the mysterious bracelet, although that idea evaporated immediately, when she received another gift whilst sat at the cafe chatting with Pascal one afternoon. He looked as surprised as she did , when she opened it to reveal a necklace and earrings that matched the bracelet perfectly, again no note or message.

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  1. Oh i can t wait for the next story of that. I want to know with whom she finally gets together. And all those things.

  2. Oh my gods, I love this story so much, it's almost like watching a movie! No... waaay better!

  3. Well, after reading this romantic story, i must go 2 paris 2 find my love :_))))))))

  4. Paris, anything can happen there that's why i love paris .Must find someone in paris.