Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A splash of colour

Today i'm feeling full of the joys of spring,  and so to indicate that I decided I could do with a splash of colour! and what could be nicer than a grass green top which just so happens to be on the lucky chair at Ingenue, I do so adore the clothes there the quality and layering is achieves a great effect. So then I  go and mix it with a purple skirt? " purple & green should never be seen only on the back of a fool" that's according to my Gran , hmm or was it red & green? ...could been pink & green. Anyway I like it! and  go with what makes you feel good despite what others say
 :  Please not the Esora store has closed but gifts are available in group notices.

Ear mufflers: Free group gift > Esora
Top: Free lucky chair item > Ingenue
Skirt: L$110 - Stary earth> Ah Flou
Tights: Free group gift > Latte
Shoes: L$180 Bow strap shoes - Kate > G Field

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