Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[the creepy kids of innsmouth]

No one remembers when it all started, when the sun's light slowly began to fade and made room for a neverending night whose twinkling stars shimmered like fat, white maggots on a black shroud the city had been woven into. Some people wondered and asked question... and they started to disappear; first the curious ones, then the grown-ups, one after another, whilst their houses began to rot and their civilisation was in decline, while creatures with tentacles and foaming mouths rose from the swamp and otherworldly chants could be heard from the partially burned church. The only things that never changed were the sparkling stars above, the intense smell of salt water wavering through the forsaken streets and the city's kids piercing stares from within the shadows, lurking and patient, magic sigils on their skin and a ghostly light flaring in their empty eyes...

[the creepy kids of innsmouth]

It's the 16th week of Luna's blogger challenge - that makes four whole months! - and the shade this week is teal. While searching for a fitting inworld photo site, I once again ended up in one of my favourite sims, Innsmouth. This place keeps fascinating me with its Lovecraft-inspired, spooky atmosphere and provides a great background for roleplay or gloomy pictures - play around with windlight and water settings some - and don't forget to switch on sounds!

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Shaved
Hair: +BM+ - GIZ - Teal-Dark (free)
Eyes: [Plastik] - JadedCollection - Bahama-Blue

Armwarmers: .:A&M:. - Knitted Arm Warmer - Teal
Eyeshadow: Exile - Vertigo (previous freebie)
Piercings: - .HoD. - Fallen - Razor
Collar: *Cobrahive* Nemi Collar
Tattoo: Super Possessed - Arkanist Tattoo
Pants: *BOOM* - Seaman Pants - Teal