Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blue for water

Milena missed the spring. She loved flowers but somehow the weather at the odd island where she lived never changed to spring. The plants were arid although there was more than enough water around. But when seeing the iceflowers at the window of her room in winter she got an idea. She started to create iceflowers with her magic. But not for her window she planted them all over the island between the normal flowers.
Ezura water gown
Ezura takes part in the little big shop event. Its a faire to help raising money for the water project. For this event there are two dresses released. The Neelaa is a 100% donation dress. It comes with a partly sheer skirt and a shoulderdrape which lets it look very romantic. The blue and white which has been choosen for the design goes very well with the theme of the little big shop event. Of course all primparts have a resizescript.
wandering in blue
The aqua dress reminds a bit on a waterplant with all the softly moving parts. It is made in shades of blue which also fit to the water theme - the name itself fits allready perfectly to water. The system layer parts of this dress come on the tattoo, pants, undies, undershirt and shirt layer. The Primparts have a resize script. Both dresses are only available during the little big shop event.
Ezura water dress

Upper Dress: + ezura + TLBS Dress *Neelaa (388$)
Lower Dress: + ezura + TLBS Dress *Aqua (388$)

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