Sunday, April 17, 2011

[and on the 7th day he invented the guitar]

And there was a certain silence at the end of the first day of them all that was the beginning of a myriad of sunrises and -downs, a silence not even the soft whispers of rolling waves and the birds' drowsy tweets managed to fill. Sounds speaking of passion and loss, like the voice of a shadow-veiled seducer rolling from a luring tongue, noises that would touch the longing heart and would make it want to sing along to the melody of creation wafting through warm air. Like caressing a long-missed lover, he let his fingertips brush over the curves of polished wood and strings made of steel, enjoying the subtle susurration and vibrations of a yet unknown song - and he knew that it was good.

[...and on the 7th day he invented the guitar]

A little ode to solitude and the beauty of music in this post about the colour "eggplant" for Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge. Unfortunately, I couldn't do the last two colours and am still trying to get back into the vibe, so I chose a rather calm motive and soft colours to go with this picture to lure the muse back into my mind again. Wish me luck!

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Shaved
Hair: RAW :: HOUSE - Destroyer
Eyes: [Plastik] - Jerusalem - BlueBrown
Hairbase and Beard: *Plume* - 7&8a/LJ Attachment Option

Tee: A:S:S - Dusk tee
Vest: +grasp+ - Hooded Vest - BlackLeopard
Jeans: +grasp+ - Stone Skull Jeans
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: - Reservoir Dogs
Nailpolish: A:S:S - Nailpolish - Jet Black
Necklace and Armband: +grasp+ - Skull Necklace/Beed and Leather strap bracelet [group gifts - joining fee!]

Guitar: Cleo Designs - Guitar
Poseprop: +KiiToS!!+ - *mini Benchi*(4pose)


  1. ... and on the 7th day, under rolling thunder, he created drum and bass ...
    and he said ... now go and ROCK the WORLD !!!

    Good Luck ... love you post ;-)

  2. Love the laid back rocker look. Nice job :)