Monday, April 18, 2011

A little Spring Seasons hunting

How many amazing hunt items are there in the new seasons hunt? blinkin loads that's what! I haven't even got a quarter of the way through, but I love everything so far! If you've not done a seasons hunt before , you need to join the group inworld, look in notices and pick up the hunt list, there are no clues that I know of, but if you're stuck ask in group and I'm sure someone will give you a hint. P.s you're looking for a lil bumble bee.I absolutely love this outfit, the colours are so vibrant and fresh! 

The glasses, jacket, and vest are hunt items but as soon as I saw this gorgeous jacket I knew instinctively what I would put with it, yes these fabulous hareem pants from 22769. They are not a hunt item, but if you want them and frankly I don't know who wouldn't?! they do come as part of an outfit along with a cute floral blouse, so you're literally getting 2 for the price of one! Oh yeah you know you can count on me for a good deal!

Hair: L$280 - GIC128 hair - brown > Boon
Glasses: L$0 seasons hunt item> Epoque
Jacket: L$0 seasons hunt item > The secret store
Vest: L$0 seasons hunt item > Ingenue
Trousers: L$210 Part of the flora dress outfit > 22769
Belt: Former 50L friday item unable to find instore (Miel) 
Shoes: L$190 Hippy shoes - brown Les petits details

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