Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blue Sunday

Standing at the shore and relaxing after a exhausting day. The water is still a bit cold and the sky looks very unique at this day.
Blue dress
This blue dress comes from Iren. It has a top which looks like being closed with buttons. The skirt is blue with many anchors and birds in white on it. It is included in a wide and a normal version in the set. The sleves of the top are sculpted. They are mod so its easy to make them fit although I did not have to adjust anything at the dress. So it fits smaller avis very well.
The strapless dress also comes from Iren. It looks like being made out of a very thin cloth. The top looks like being closed with a bow. I also did not have to adjust this dress but the prim part is mod so you could make it fit easily.
The wristlets are from Virtual/Insanity. They come with and without resizer and consist off two parts one which is wrapped around the hand and one for the wrist. So they look like wearing a necklace around the hands. In the set are black prim nails included.
blue grey dress

Dress upper picture: Iren-=Shirtdress=-blue (75 L$)
Dress lower picture: Iren -=Minidress=- violet (75 L$)

The pictures have been taken at Sere's Bunnies a sim I found by reading the wonderful Avatars in Motion blog.

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