Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blue Prayer

It was hard do be the bridesmaid at the wedding of the man she loved. She had managed to controll herself all the time but after the meal she was not longer able to do so. So she walked out and watched the flowers in the wind while crying a bit.
Gebet blau backside
This wonderful gown comes from schön. Saya Littlething the owner of schön put the gown out for free but she asks the ones who get the gown to donate in the real life for those who suffered from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Saya wrote some words about the gown on her storeblog which are worth reading. The gown is called "Gebet" which is the german word for prayer. It is a very pretty gown. The flowers at the chest are mod so I was able to adjust them so that they fit. I like the floating design of the dress too. This makes it good for pictures. The top comes on the jacket and the shirt layer.
Gebet blau front
Gown: Schön : Gebet (0 L$ but worth a donation in real life)


  1. Hello Dagmar.

    Thank you for featuring my dress :)
    its really wonderful photograph :D
    i like this entry!
    thanks again!

    hugss!! <3

    from Saya Littlething

  2. Ohhh that is a beautiful gown & I really really the shade