Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

 Good Friday! well on a non-religious point, this is a fashion post afterall, I'm certainly having a good Friday so far with my bargains. Firstly I want to say a big thanks to a lovely lady who goes by the name Xanthe Audeburgh who has been feeding my hair habit! not only does she give me great tip offs as to where to get great hair, she's a fellow blogger and also has a great store that sells perfectly proportioned shapes (CS Shapes) so have a sneaky look at her blog. So it's safe to say I love this hair which is an opening gift at Holic.

I do have to say a few quick words about the skin. For some reason I've never had an addiction to skin in quite the same way that I have for hair & shoes, but recently that has changed somewhat. I love the skins at Shine and previously blogged the mix & match skin & shape gift (which is still available). They are so pretty & exoctic looking, which is quite a contrast to my usual tone so I love it. There is a MM board & luckychair instore if you want to sample them for yourself, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Hair: L$0 opening gift > Holic
Hat & glasses: L$0 seasons hunt gift > Deco
Scarf: L$245 linen scarf (8 colour change textures) > Miel
Skin: L$900  Katie natural/tan/cleavage2 > Shine
Top: L$0 seasons hunt gift > Alphavillain
Trousers: L$0 seasons hunt gift > This is a fawn
Shoes: L$30 Gacha item > Mocha
Bag: L$180 Buckskin bag - natural tones > Les petits details

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