Thursday, April 14, 2011

[shoe sale for the masses]

[shoe-sale for the masses]

Now aren't these shoes gorgeous? I got all excited when receiving *Deco*s group notice about all of their shoes being on sale for a mere 50 Lindens a pair from April, 13th to April, 17th and immediately hopped over to ramp up my collection. What can I say? They're simply on top of my list of most beloved footwear on SL - not primmy at all, but with ultra-realistic textures and easy to resize since they are mod, and I love the fact that the 'foot'-part can be worn alone and doesn't force you to go without your pant-leg attachments, like some of the higher reaching shoes do. Shown in the picture above is a selection of my favourite "Test Boots", reminding pretty much of Doc Martens with a comfortably worn and rather grungy feel.

[shoe-sale for the masses]

Shown in the second picture are the "Lumbermine-", "Trail-", "Rain-" and "Roughneck-Boots" (from left to right). As you can see, *Deco* shoes not necessarily stand for boots that look like you've been wearing them for ages, but also go well with more casual and "clean" outfits. Both "Trail-" and "Rainboots" come in a great selection of colours, and as for the "Trail-Boots", you can also choose between smooth and suede leather and bi-coloured options. Go and grab yourself a pair of new unisex stompers while the sale lasts!

All shoes shown: *Deco* - 50 Linden Sale!

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