Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Walking through cherryblossoms

It was the time of the cherryblossoms again. Although the area in front of the town had been a landfill for some years but the cherrytrees survived and now they were in bloom in the middle of dead earth.
Spring and Perse
Sometimes rats who missed their home made strange sounds. But it was clear that this place would be wonderful in some years when the gras would have made its way back.
Cherry blossoms and perse
Perse is not only a store for great and unique boots and shoes. There are also lots of dresses available there. Those stripped ones are one of the latest releases from perse. They are available in many colours and look great. I like how the textures look shiny at some parts and how the shadeing is done. The prim part is easy to adjust and it has the same colours as the textures of the dress. The dresses have holders and go well with high heels or lowerboots. I picked my favourite boots from perse which look good with nearly every outfit and colour. The black and white scarf is the project fur item from Zeery. It has an animal print, I picked the Zebra one but there are also other versions available. For example in a snakelook or giraffe style.
New Perse dresses
Dresses: -Perse- Kharen Dress (239$ one colour or the fatpack of 7 colours 1199$)
Scarf: {Zeery} Kingdom Animalia Silk Scarf {Zebra} (185$ for project fur Japan Zeery is in the orange section of the sim)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Beiges (249$ or the fatpack with 13 colours 2399$)

The pictures have been taken at sic 2.

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