Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scooter gang

Amelia hated her name. Everytime somebody adressed her with it she wished that her parents would have choosen a cooler one. She was rather angry on her parents because of that. So she started to dislike the life of her parents very much.
posing at the scooter
Her parents were both lawyers and her father started a career as politician too. But disliking her parents and all the attitudes they stood for in her opinion Amelia founded a scooter gang.
Waiting on the scooter
All the members shared the same likes for tattoos, piercings and jewlery. And of course they made some secret deals. They could have dealt with drugs but none of them was into that. So they started to deal with something all of them had, education. If somebody had forgotten to do his homework he only had to call the gang and they normal were able to do it rather quickly.
waiting even more
They did not earn as much as they would have earned if they would have sold drugs but they did not get in trouble because of their business. Of course Amelia's parents supposed secretly that she would deal with drugs and she did her best to let them belive that this would be the truth. It was a small revenge but it was a revenge.
Driving away again
Sometimes there are items which are simply made to fall in love with them, this outfit and the scooter belong to those items. I blogged the hair from wasabi pills now quite often and I still love it. It looks great and turns a good look into a unique look. And its pretty easy to adjust too because it has a resize script. The houndstood sweater from arnadi is one of those pieces of clothing which could look great when being worn in an elegant combination or sophisticated when being combined with tattoos and sneakers. Beside that it is very well designed and the shading is great. Its rather impressive how real all the folds on the sweater look. The trousers are some of my favourite ones and come from Ibizarre. They look very comfy and I bought them because I liked the rolled up sleeves so much. The textures of the trousers are also very well made. Always when seeing somebody with primnails I swore to myself that I would never wear primnails. I had to break this promise because of the asia nails from Virtual/Insanity. They come with rings attached onto them and look simply stunning. I suppose that they look also great to red asian dresses and massive makeup. The nails and rings are included in three sizes in the set (10,20, and 30) and it is also possible to wear only the rings, as there are versions of the rings without the nails included as well. The cute bag comes also from Virtual/Insanity and has been created for project fur where it is also sold. It has a nice looking cat on the backside and is available in much more colours.
I fell for the scooter when seeing it at Social ANGtz. The idea is great and the item is well made. The scooter comes in four colours (red, purple, grey and blue) and is included in versions with and without light and it is on sale at the moment. The scooter has 6 inbuilt poses and it is possible to test it in the store. When being there it is worth to listen to the stream as they play dub and reggae there all the time.
Comfy scooter outfit
Sweater: [arnadi] - Sweater Checker Houndstooth (50$ exclusive at The Fashion Garret till 25th April)
Trousers: * Ibizarre Maeva Pants (black) (140 Linden)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Women's Sneaker Boots - Black Out (20 L$)
Nails and Rings: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] ASIA NAILS&RINGS (wear me) (62 L$ on sale at the moment)
Bag: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] MANEKI Shoulder Bag BLACK (100 L$ 100% for project fur)
Hair: Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair (200 L$ per colourpack)

Scooter: Social ANGtz : Jackie Stone Scooter Series (150 L$)

The pictures have been taken at Lost Vegas South.

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