Wednesday, April 13, 2011

50L challenge

This week I set myself a goal of finding cute & quality items for less than 50L, Ok yeah I'm poor until payday already, but I love to pick up a bargain at the best of times, so in this post everything is free or less than 50L yahoo! I can't stop wearing these shoes from Urban warehouse in the mix & match hunt, it's not often I wear things more than once, as much as I say i'm going to , but I can't take these off! Also don't miss the sale at Pesca where I picked up these loooovely trousers........see you later i'm off to hunt for more bargains!

Hair: Free  Christmas group gift - Lauren  >Maitreya
Scarf:  Free Easter egg hunt item > Zeerys
Cardigan: L$50 puff sleeve cardigan - red > izm
Vest: Free - intrinsic vest - cream > Jane
Trousers: L$30 - yuruyuru pants > Pesca
Shoes: Free at the M&M hunt > Urban warehouse

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