Friday, April 15, 2011

Time for poppys

She was so glad that it was finally spring. The grass felt so good under her bare feet and she also had managed to get a bit tan allready. Well she had been in the sunstudio once or twice but this did not really matter.
22769 poppy dress
She loved the wind in her hair and the dress she had picked for the day was perfect for the weather and the surrounding. Tonight she would be the star of the party. So it was good to have a relaxing walk before having to wear high heels the whole night.
Adam n eve posy skin
This wonderful asymetric dress with the poppy pattern belongs to the 22769 spring collection. It is mod so its possible to make it fit smaller avatars. Over the shoulder it is worn with a prim part. This lets it look more elegant. Around the waist the dress is worn with a leather belt. As most dresses from 22769 three prim parts have been used for the skirt. One normal skirt and two parts which are worn at the legs. So its not possible that the bare legs are seeable when moving.
posy skin tan adam n eve
The lovely skin with the freckles comes from Adam n Eve. It is available in several versions. The skin is available in four tones and comes with dark and light eyebrows and pubic hair on the tattoo layer - without the eyebrows are red. There are 12 makeup versions available. I like the girl next door look a lot. The shadeing of the skin is very well made. On the upper picture are some makeups of the skin in tan and on the lower some of the pale version of the skin. All sets include a version with normal and one with enhanced cleavage. A nice little extra are the included tattoo layers for the fingernails.
The hair with the two pony tails comes from Emo-tions. It floats very nicely and is cute. The hair on the lower picture comes from Wasabi Pills.
posy skin pale adam n eve
Dress: 22769 corn poppy dress (140 L$)
Skin: Adam n Eve - Skins and Shapes : Posy (1000 L$ one make up or 6000 L$ for the fatpack in one tone)
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * JOANNE * /naturals (245 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair -Wild honey (200 L$ belongs to the brown pack)

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