Friday, April 15, 2011


Mark and Erin had big plans. Both wanted to become famous ballet dancers. But both of them were not the best dancers. They were good of course but never really good. Nobody ever found out what their problem actually was. All their teachers said they would be very talented and both trained much. But at the end others were always more successful. Desperate they accepted to dance in a musical. They had to wear streetclothing and suddenly happend nobody did expect anymore. Being not forced in ballet outfits and shoes anymore they became able to use their talent. The musical about the elf in disguise became a huge success. Mark and Erin were very glad. Nobody ever found out that Mark's elf ears were his real ones.
ballet training
22769 just released their monthly groupgift. Its a shirt with a rorschach print. The sleeves and the body of the shirt are sculpted. The capri trousers also belong to the outfit. The cuffs of the trousers are also sculpted. The guy on the picture is Paco Pooley from 22769 himself. We actually played around with poses searching for one which shows of the outfit decently. This one was one which was a bit funny and a contrast to the outfit so I decided to use it. Paco is wearing the Tonka boots from Juice. The boots are available in a copy and in a trans version so they work very well as gift. The black sneaker boots come from Duh! they are available with alphalayer now and are great simply great for streetstyle outfits.

Outfits: 22769 april 2011 rorschach (0 L$ groupgift)
Boots: Paco : Juice Tonka Boots (300 L$)
Dagmar: ::Duh!:: Women's Sneaker Boots - Black Out (20 L$)

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  1. hahahahaha .. OMG .. never thought I see you two dancing :-))