Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strange wolfs

Bluebelle had to facepalm when the wolf adressed her. It was just embarrassing since the old wolf had been bullied by the seven young kids and left the forest. The new wolf was colourblind and a bit stupid too. He approached every female who went into the forest and spoke about the nice flowers they could pick. After that he normaly tried to gain informations about grandmothers. This time it was Bluebelle's turn to be pestered by the wolf and he did not even recognize that she allready had picked some flowers. It was just embarrassing. Bluebelle planed to teach the seven young kids a lesson hopeing that the old wolf would come back if the bullies would behave.
Deviance has moved some weeks ago but they kept the lucky dip. So its still possible to win this great blue belle outfit. It comes with several primparts for example two kinds of skirts, a short and a long one, which also come in two versions with blue or white frills. The stockings come in blue or white as well and so do the frills around the shoulders. I love the textures of the dress and how fairytale like it looks.
bluebelle long
Dress: * Deviance * Blue Belle (Rose Red revisited) (0$ Lucky dip)

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