Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting sidetracked

So my little project of blogging mens clothes has been put on the back burned a little, just a temporary thing  I'm sure. Trouble is I can help getting sidetracked! just as I think I have a great outfit that I want to blog, I get a notecard informing me of something new and exciting that I simply must have! well it helps me experiment. As a rookie blogger , to say my editing/photography skills are practically non existent would be a huge under statement! Good thing the bargains are so great! The top from SMS is my favourite item this year, and the 50L friday belt from Miel is a very close second. There are 2 belts of the same design with 4 choices of texture change shades, so in effect you have 8 belts this fantastic for 100L ?! amazing!

Top: Free group gift > SMS
Belt: L$50 - natural ( fifty linden friday ) grab it while you can! >  Miel
Trousers: Free gift ( lm currently under construction ) > Cool beans
Boots: L$1 - courtisanne @ > Enky's dollar store
Hair: L$280 - GIC128 hair - brown > Boon

1 comment:

  1. Stunning look, and the colours suit you so well! I grabbed the belt, too... I can only recommend it, hehe.