Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waiting for Christmas

Its allready february. So why not starting to wait for next xmas again. A good place for waiting for X-mas is DeviousMind. I have not recognized that they got xmas stuff there in their lucky chairs (there is one lucky chair the other lucky objects are tables and even an elephant). So i won this outfit and also the candycane prop there. First i was insecure if i should blog the items as xmas is over for some time now but on the other hand they are really great so i decided not to care about the current season.
An other price was this outfit with featherboa and fitting poses to make pictures with the boa and the mirror.
The pose looks also pretty good when looking at the backside. It could bei either used with the poseball which is also a part of the set or simply with the poses.
And for those who still think that santa claus does not exist. There are those x-mas tentacles which are more than willing in helping to make you belive.

Candycane: (*chanimations flyingCandy... (BOX) (0$ Lucky chair)
Candytentaclesprop: (*chanimations - Pit of xMESS - VERY hungry!!! (surprisegift) (0$ Lucky chair)
Outfit with featherboa: (*chanimations **VAIN INC** Holiday Gift 2009 (0$ Lucky chair)
Outfit with hat: (*chanimations MoulinRouge **SANTA'S ELF** (0$ Lucky chair)


  1. oh noes *laughs* I just found your blogpost today otherwise I would have left the christmas stuff out a few days longer - I just replaced the content of the lucky chairs last night before heading to bed, now it has the full carnival season set again for grabs :-D (you'll find more info on our blog if you want to have a look in advance :-D)

    Christmas ones will be back of course next christmas! ;-)

  2. Hello, thats just great. Or well i mean it was an odd idea to blog those things at this time. But i hope some people had a good laugh when seeing it. Anyways the stuff for carnival is great. I used some of the things i won last year there in an other blog post so people will be able to win those things again. Which is great in my opinion. So if anybody is wondering where the first oufit at that blogpost came from Golden Goddess its now again available at Chandra's lucky chairs, tables and elephant. Don t forget to bring peanuts for the elephant.