Wednesday, February 2, 2011

waiting for my man

Of course I can't resist using another song title! ( answers on a notecard please ) but I am really am waiting for my man, who is generously helping me with my recent 'male clothing' project. So while I wait for him I can't help but get sided tracked playing dolly dress up, and sharing it with anyone who is willing to take notice. *shouts* "is there anyone out there?"....well if there is then go get this lovely valentine/ballet style dress on the luckyboards at Ribbon....possibly while you are waiting for your man.

Dress: Free lucky board item > Ribbon
Corset belt: L$25 -  Silver > Phoenix rising
Shoes: L$1 -  gift - hart hart red love  > Ah Flou
Neck bow: Former subscribo gift, could still be in history? if not available to purchase at L$190 >    Royal blue

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