Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My little project

I'm about to embark on a small project to keep myself entertained. This is to blog mens clothes, or indeed women's clothes of a masculine design, unisex clothes if you will! of course all to be freebies or dollarbies just to make the challenge ....well more challenging! so I start off with this top which is a mans sweater, that I stretched the prims a little to become more of a dress. The shirt , waistcoat and tie would I feel look fantastic on a male teamed with some hareem style pants or jeans ( don't worry guys there won't be any 'bumps' where there shouldn't be for you ).

Sweater: Free - sweater border colours > Awram Viie outlet
Boots: L$25  cowboy boots - black   > Duh
Tie: L$25 accountant tie  > Phoenix rising
Waistcoat: L$20 black leather  > !1mm
Hair: Free group gift > Heart softens
Socks: Free gift sheer - blue  > ModdG

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