Friday, February 4, 2011

Hunting for love

The cupid heart hunt yesterday was one of the hunts i liked best 2009. So i was very excited when hearing that it would take place again. When it started today i more or less rushed through it. Two stores are still missing (this is a fawn and niniko) but the other items are all out. So here a short impression of what i got. The dress on the left is from Ruru@pinio. I like the socks very much. Then comes a dress from les petites detailes with a muffler from MNK the used skin is the gift from Moothers goose the shoes are the gift at . On the right is a skin with shape from Hani. The skin comes in many versions. The bowtie is from :: fore :: and the dress from. The hair also is a hunt gift. The Hunt is still a bit messy. This is a Fawn had not their item out when i did the hunt. And the landmark to les petites details on the huntblog was not correct (niniko do not have their item ready so you have to switch to Les petites details) in the slurls under the picture it should be correct.Left: Ruru@Tear [Chocolat au Rhum] (0$ CH-Hunt )
Muffler: Muffler(choco)_ribbon&lace ::MNK*SHOP:: (0$ CH-Hunt )
Dress: *LPD* - *Optical* Minidress (Cupid Heart) (0$ CH-Hunt )
Bag: *HappyValentine's Day* from NALA CH-Hunt )
Shoes: R2 fashion "CHH gift" Purple (0$ CH-Hunt )
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. Devon(CHH2011)girl (0$ CH-Hunt )
Dress: [solita] Long Gilet and Frilled Skirt Box (0$ CH-Hunt )
Tie: :: fore :: bow tie (0$ CH-Hunt )
Shoes: CHH no.02 [Tou Fromc*]DOLL-Cupid Heart Hunt ver.- (0$ CH-Hunt )
Skin and Shape: *Hani* Skin COCO ( open me CH-Hunt )
Hair: [SOUP] Cupid Heart Hunt limited hair (0$ CH-Hunt )

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