Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For the divas

Coy sweettalking while having a walk in the garden (the parents watch them from the window). At the end they ran away together and founded a hippie hotel in Canada.

The valentines diva hunt has started some days ago so its time to show some prizes. For example the one from 22769. The gift contains a female and a male version. Although it is allowed to wear the male version as female or the female version as man. The outfit is more in dark red and brown tones so its always wearable.
Outfits: 22769 valentines diva (0$ Huntgift TVDH)
There is also a chair in the hunt. And its very pink. Many of the huntitems are very pink but its called Diva and Divas wear pink. Thats a strict rule. Or they wear such a cute dress as the white one with the patterns on the skirt. The gift from Before sleep is a simple top with capri trousers. Jazumi made a short pink dress. Virtual/Insanity made the cute flats.
Chair: ! ..:HC Creations:.. : HCC Armchair Valentine Diva Hunt A (0$ Huntgift TVDH)
Dress: TVDH - Snowpaws Valentine Diva Poppy Garden Dress - Hunt Prize (0$ Huntgift TVDH)
Middle: #Before Sleep# TVDH (0$ Huntgift TVDH)
Right: ::JZ:: The Valentine Diva (0$ Hunt Giftie!TVDH)
Flats: [Virtual/Insanity] TVD HUNT GIFTIE ^_^ (0$ Huntgift TVDH)

When being sure that the loved one is also the right guy its allowed to wear this red lingerie from Voluptia. It could be worn with or without suspenders. The cute tongue with cat comes from Heart & Soul. Its not a hunt item. In the set are two version of the tongue. Both have the little cat on the tip but one of them has an animation included so that the mouth of the avatar is open. I personally prefer the one with the closed mouth as i do not want the cat to crawl into my mouth.
Lingerie: .VOLUPTIA. TVDH Lamora Lingerie Set (0$ Huntgift TVDH)
Tongue: *Heart & Soul* *Heart & Soul* Cat got your Tongue? (25$)

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