Saturday, October 23, 2010

Asian Dreams

Nearly floating in the last release from Orquidea. This store is simply amazing. Somehow they always manage to create wonderful textures which look great. And its one of the few stores which are really able to deal with the skirt layer.
The blue dress comes in two lengths. Short and long. The set contains also a fitting headdress. In the short version the dress is sexy and elegant but ...
for going out in the evening it could be worn as long gown. Now it gives its owner the look all other women hate her for. Of course its still elegant and sexy but its simply a bit more elegant than as short dress. The headdress is great. Even although its not a small one it still looks playful and being made of little flowers and sticks it also does not look like a huge fan. The colour of the dress fits also to most haircolours it might even look great with pink hair. The blue fits well to blond hair, the asian look lets it look great with black hair and as you could see on the picture it works fine with red hair. To say it short this dress is a masterpiece. Although the skirt layer was used for it it looks great and to be honest its sold for only 350 Linden. I have seen dresses which didn t reach the quality of this dress but had been more expensive.
Dress: ORQUIDEA Modern Asian style dress (350 Linden)

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