Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Cobwebs

The princess of spiders standing proud in a foreign town. Her fiancée was kidnapped by a foreign tribe so she has to search him to get him back. She choosed him because he looked so delicious. But one night before the wedding should take place he disappeared. He only could be kidnapped. Which sane man would run away from his spiderwife before the mating? The orange spider gown comes from d-design.It also could be worn as suit. The textures are cute and well the dress and the suit allow others to see your navel. So take care not to have any dirt in it.
The set comes with gloves, a bit collar (with resizescript) and two skirts. One with lace and the other one without lace. The stockings are also included in two versions. At the moment the gown without the suit version is on sale. And you even could get fitting jewlery at d-design. The gown is also available with other cobweb colours.
Gown: D-DESIGN Spider Orange Net (860 Linden gown and suit, 460 Linde Gown and groupmembers could buy the gown for 275 Linden)

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