Friday, October 22, 2010

Bags and Carpets

Beside the cute poses Croire has some other cute stuff in the for the love of halloween gatcha party. I love the little bows you could get for the head. The bags are also rather cool and many books fit into them. They even got a gatcha for warm carpets with pretty patterns. One of the items from C'est moi is a rather cute shirt.
Orange Bag: [croire] vintage floral tote (creamsicle) (50 Linden)
Brown white Bag: [croire] vintage floral tote (cotton candy) (50 Linden)
Rug: [croire] rug from the attic (25 Linden)
Bow: [croire] fabric & fishnet bow (25 Linden)
T-shirt right: C'est Moi! FTLO GATCHA shirt Chup Chup (10 Linden)
Dress left: * [DIAPOP] * dolce come te - velo marrone (211 Linden)

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