Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Training for circus

Standing at home balancing on stilts while training juggling. Why starting with juggling balls like everybody does if you could have fun with something hot.But after the roof started to burn two times i thought it would be time to train something less dangerous. So i drove through the flat on a unicycle. But it was a magical ones so i suddenly had claws instead of feet.
At the moment burning life is taking place. This year its named Burn 2 instead of Burning life 2010 and its much smaller. There are only 6 sims this year. But well that does not mean that it is less fun. Most amazing i found the flying circus which was created by the "Stilt Bitches". It looks a bit like a flying turtle and there is so much to explore and to find. They got some free circus clothes and very cool circus toys. Like the stilts and the unicycle. As Burn 2 will end at the 24th you should get your friends and visit the circus, ride the carousel, fly on the magic carpet, dress up as clown and get stilts.

The dress i used is new from diapop. It comes in four colours and i d like to show 3 of them. Its a very cute dress in my opinion. And i love the things on the shoulders. The hair is a freebie i found with the help of a new lucky chair and freebie group named "Sit Here Slap This". It is finally a group founded by active lucky chair stalkers so the moderators do not tell you to stop when having posted a lucky chair to often in a lucky chair group as it happened to me in Free-licious.
Left: * [DIAPOP] * dolce come te - velo grigio (211 Linden)
Middle: * [DIAPOP] * dolce come te - velo bianco (211 Linden)
Right: * [DIAPOP] * dolce come te - velo marrone (211 Linden)

Hair: LOGO Hair Freebie (0 Linden)

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