Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[purple against suicide]

[purple against suicide]
Did you ever think about the fact that this could be your fault?

October 20th has been declared as 'Wear Purple'-day after the numerous, terrifying suicides of LGBT youth triggered by bullying. This day is meant to raise awareness of a worldwide existing problem that is mostly being ignored or not considered worthy enough to be taken to public. However, the growing rate of bullying-related suicides amongst lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teenagers should make everyone question our so-called enlightened society, antiquated role models and if nothing else, our very own behaviour.

If words start to hurt like daggers and the fear of going to school doesn't allow you to sleep anymore, if you're getting harrassed, beaten up, avoided, laughed at and publically denounced simply for who you are, if your ache and fear grow so much that even a cruel and painful death appears to be a release... choose life. No matter how hard it might be at this very moment, or how bad you're feeling: there is hope. And help.

It gets better.

[purple against suicide]

Nothing lasts forever.
Don't let them steal your pride or love of living.
Wear purple to show your support and raise awareness. <3

If you're seeking help and/or information:
It Gets Better Project

The Trevor Project
Resources to Help Stop Bullying

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