Friday, October 22, 2010

Hidden talents

Edita was a special elf. Her ears looked like somebody pulled on them for hours and her hair. Just not like elf hair. It even looked greasy. But the worst was her behaviour. She wanted to be a fae. Of course she didn't look at all like one of those elegant and beautiful beings. She was dirty, her skin was so rotten that it needed to be stitched from time to time. And she drank. She drank much. But one day she was allready drunk when walking to the distillery. So by mistake she tool the wrong way and ended up in the forge. It was empty as the blacksmith had fallen for a centaur he shoed - but thats an other story. So Edita made her way into the forge.
She had to test all the materials the blacksmith left behind. And she was really surprised about her talent.
First she made herself a pair of wings. It was a mix of cloth and metal and it looked great. She also managed to build fitting jewlery. Edita wasn t the only one who liked her creations. A lot of people came and bought her wings and her jewlery.
So soon she was a rich woman. She bought new clothes. And new hair. And one day she met a magician in the distillery.
It wasn't cheap and it hurt a lot but after a week she had real wings.
Elizabeth Tinsley of Frippery and Cane Sutter of Skinthesis are not only great designers well they are great designers but that means that they are also rather creative. So they had the idea of creating a fairy set which fits to the season. So Frankenfae was born. They invited their friends to take part in the creation of Frankenfairy. So Evie's Closet created a cute a bit torn fairy dress, Angelwings came up with a funny green dress with lots of patches and Milli from No Strings Attached build some great poses (she always builds great poses) which fit perfectly to the theme. Combining those items with the metal wings from Frippery and the skin and the hair from Skinthesis its a great mix for a spooky looking fairy avatar. Its possible to buy the single parts so you could build up your own Franken Fairy.
Purple dress: *Evie's Closet* - Will O' The Wisp (350 Linden)
Blue green dress: **Angelwing** Franken-Fae dress (200 Linden)
Skin with greenish hair: Skinthesis FrankenFairy Pack - Skin, Eyes, Shoes, Hair - .(777 Linden)
Skin with purple hair: Skinthesis FrankenFairy Pack - Skin, Eyes, Shoes, Hair - . (777 Linden)
Wings and jewlery: Frippery: ET~FrankenFae Monster Pack (800 Linden)
Poses: No Strings Attached : Frankenfairy (150 Linden)

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