Sunday, October 17, 2010

The blushing witch

Ignatiana was searching her cat. So she flew around searching. As modern witch she also used the chance to train some tricks like flying without using her hands and just making her broom fly like she wants with the preasure of her legs.
When hearing something she quickly went closer to the ground.
But seeing what her cat was doing made Ignatiana blush.
So she forced her broom on high speed and flew up high to cool down.
Halloween is near so here an other costume for the modern witch. The purple hat and the cape are a gift from lika ruby i got it in the KDC Mall. The orange shirt is on the Cknife Lucky board its at the same place as the witches hat. The trousers are in the current 22769 groupgift. They are full of blood. No Strings Attached managed something i didn t expect. The broom they created as donation item for the horrorfest contains poses which are really not like the average broomstick poses. The horrorfest will end at 31. 10. 2010 and supports the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.
Broom: 'NSA' - Life's a Witch broom
Shirt: *CKnife* Lantern sleeve T-shirt (orange) LB 1 (Lucky board 0 Linden)
Hat and Cape: +Lika Ruby+ Witch Hat(purple) (Groupgift 0 Linden)
Trousers: 22769 groupgift october 2010 - happy halloween (Groupgift 0 Linden)
Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Grace Updo Gift (Gift 0 Linden)

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