Monday, October 18, 2010

jaunty jaunt

Its time for the jaunty sale again and 22769 takes of course part in it. They created two outfits for the sale which is normaly for guys - but with some time on the posestand the outfit also fit women.

The first outfit is a red open shirt with a paisley pattern on it. You could either wear it with a top which is also included in the outfit or just without the top. The set contains white jeans too. The second outfit is asian inspired. I just love the black silk top. The pattern on it is great and i also like the cut at the neck very much. Of course there are fitting trousers included. I liked the shirt so much that i prefered to take the picture without the leatherjacket which is the third part of the set.
Outfit on the first picture: 22769 JAUNTYSALE: Preppy in Paisleys (49 Linden)
Outfit on the second picture: 22769 JAUNTYSALE: Golden Leather Shirt Outfit (49 Linden)

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