Saturday, October 23, 2010

For the free and the brave

I d like to mention some free stuff i found in the last days or well some of it have been groupgifts so i could stay at home and nibble at my toes.

I really like the halloween groupgift from likka house. Its a short skirt with fitting top and a lovely hat. I live the funny trousers you wear under the skirt a lot. Outfit: [Group Gift] LIKKA*HOUSE Majocco-pumpkin

Eret!ka gave out a cute halloween skin. Its purple and has some stuff around the eyes on it. Unfortunatly i wore a mask i got in the hateween hunt. The outfit comes from the phoenix rising sale.
Skin: Halloween Skin by Eret!ka (0 Linden Groupgift)
Outfit: -Phoenix Rising- Accountant Tied Up (White) (25 Linden)

I somehow have enough of halloween, all that orange and the skulls and pumpkins. Somehow i can't see it anymore. But i have to admit there are some great items available in halloween hunts. I liked the hateween hunt a lot. Some japanese stores take part in it and so you get some cute free stuff.

Dress: Halcali:::hate ween hunt (0 Linden Hunt item)
Mask: hateween hunt **:::Dimbula Rose::: (0 Linden Hunt item)
Outfit: *deviant girls* vampie (0 Linden Hunt item)
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Mayumi2" (Garnet) KDC Mall limited color! (0 Linden Lucky board)
Top: hateween hunt **izm. 1/3 (0 Linden Hunt item)
Trousers: [*RD*]*Voodoo Doll Hunt Male Giftie* (0 Linden Hunt item)
Shoes: +KiiToS!! Kankae+ Knit boots -for Hateween Hunt- (0 Linden Hunt item)
Top: hateween hunt **!129129**036_Tanktoppp_WHITE (0 Linden Hunt item)
Pants: Shampooo High waist Short Pants(Paple)hateween hunt (0 Linden Hunt item)
Hat: MOGU :: hateween hunt hat (0 Linden Hunt item)

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