Friday, April 8, 2011

Aurora borealis

Oreithyia was waiting for the wind. Wandering barefoot through the mountains she hoped that he would come, Boreas. He had whispered so often to her through the rocks in the vale. And he had managed to gain her attention. In the nights she dreamed of being with him flying together over the mountains of her homelands. The more Oreithyia yearned to be with the northwind the more she changed. Her hair became nearly white and her skin was paler every day. Once her eyes had been brown now they reminded on the Aurora borealis. But this was the night she finally would meet him.
Those amazing dresses come all from Spyralle Fractal Art to Wear. I like fractals a lot but I never manage to understand the mathmatics behind them. Paco from 22769 often tried to explain it to me and I understand it when he explains it to me but after an hour I do not know how they were made anymore. So this dresses are not only pretty the designer who made them is also pretty smart. She also uses fractals to create wings.
The dress on the first picture is called Chione Goddess of Snows. It is white with a white sheer primskirt, included is also a primskirt with extra snowflakes. On the back the dress has white sheer shoulder streamers. The corset which is available to the dress is amazing. When seeing it I supposed it would be made of prims but it is only on the systemlayer. The shades of iceblue and green are great.
The purple gown is called Gossamer Passion, it has a purple sheer primskirt. The wings have a texture which reminds on feathers but they are also of course made with fractals.
Purple gown and wings
The Glory fractal wings remind on snail shells. The used colours fit well to the relay for life colours. The dress is called Eos Goddess of Dawn. It has a similar top as the Chione dress. The primskirt gradients from white to purple. On the back the dress comes also with streamers, but different to the Chione dress it comes also with streamers for the arms.
gowns and wings

1st picture
Dress: Spyralle Chione Goddess of Snows (450$)
Corset: Spyralle Chione Corset (100$)
2nd picture:
Dress: Spyralle Gossamer Passion (500$ donation item for Relay for Life)
Wings: Spyralle Fractal Wings (s3 purple) (75$ donation item for Relay for Life)
3rd picture:
Dress: Spyralle Eos Goddess of Dawn (500$ donation item for Relay for Life)
Wings: Spyralle Fractal Wings Glory (s7) (75$ donation item for Relay for Life)

The mainstore of Spyralle is at Loring Park Place.


  1. Thank you, Dagmar. Lovely photos! - Kerryth

  2. Soooo pretty me thinks you're the best fantasy blogger around!