Friday, April 8, 2011

A little catch up

 I've been rather busy with that pesky nuisance 1st life and I feel so behind in my 2nd yoikes! so anyway I've scrabbled around and picked up so  fabulous items to share. I won't jabber on i'll let the items do the talking for themselves.

Hair: L$200  -  Rosie- sunflower > Posh

Top: Free Mix & Match hunt item ( hint look up look down it's spinning aroun, it lights up the sky but you can't walk by)  artMEfashion

Trousers: LS200 White low rise  bemuda pants > Vero Modero
Jewelry: Free gift > artMEfashion

Shoes: Free lucky chair item - Pink zara pump > Baby monkey

Chair: Free Alberto Kawaii hunt item ( all pieces of a puzzle must be complete before you can collect gifts > Second spaces

Hair & Hat: L$50 Miss- sugar > Posh
Jacket: Free FA hunt item - ( look high on the wall )  > R.icielli
Belt & leggings: Free M&MH Item ( hint i want to be a super model) > Vero Modero
Shorts: L$59 > Awram Viie
Top: Free subscribo gift zeebrugge bodysuit - neutral > The sea hole
Bangles: Free M&MH item ( 4 steps & you're there ) > Mustang trading post
Shoes: Free M&MH item > Ah flou

Hair: Fifty linden Friday - Kit- kat > Lamb
Hair bow: Free subscribo item > Magika
Top: Free M&MH item ( hint you'll find some loose change here)  > Static clothing
Shorts: Free luckyboard item > M*G*S
Shoes: Free M&MH item hints > Urban warehouse
Bracelets: free M&MH item ( hint 4 steps & you're there ) > Mustang trading post

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