Sunday, April 3, 2011

Clover Knight

Santaria was a knight or more a knight of heart. She always wore great jackets which looked like a uniform and of course her boots fitted to that look. So one day she decided to explore a castle.
She normaly did not wear weapons but at this day she found a big cloverleaf and she decided to use it as shield. But then she heared strange sounds and she started to sneak through the building searching for the source.
clover soldier
When she found out what caused those strange sounds she was more than glad about her "shield". It had started to rain and the cloverleaf was a good umbrella.
clover umbrella
The outfit for this picture is a mix of some of my favourite designers and some of them are even friends. No Strings Attached is definitly one of my favourite pose stores. Milli the owner is very creative and the cloverleaf is just one of her brilliant props. It has many inbuilt poses and might be great for pictures with fairys as well. I like it alot that it is only needed to touch the leaf to change the pose and that it is not needed to wear a different version of the prop for every pose.
The Jacket and the makeup are new from a:s:s. Fauna blogged allready the pink version of the Jacket and it looked fab on her. I liked the red one a lot. It is comfy to resize and comes in a version for guys and girls. In the set are both versions included so if you shift your gender from time to time the jacket still fits. The jacket is available in many colours. Its the same with the makeup.
22769 made the jeans. They are kind of lowrise I would say and also available in many colours. The set includes also sculpted prims for the lower legs. But with the boots they look better skintight.
I love those boots from Perse luckily they are available in many many colours so its easy to find a fitting pair.

Cloverleaf: 'NSA' - Lucky Brolly

Jacket: A:S:S - Bonapart jacket - red (one 90$ fatpack 400$)
Makeup: A:S:S - Drama shadows (one 20$ fatpack 100$)
Trousers: 22769 casual couture Ultimate Jeans (black) (70$)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Big Bag (1499 Linden / 149 Linden for one colour)

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