Monday, April 4, 2011

Working plans

Sabja and Amphisbaene her friend and confidant were tired. They had worked the whole night but it seemed like were slowly getting what they wanted. Born as human Amphisbaene had been cursed and forced to live as snake but this did not disconnect her from her magical powers soon she was able to transform in nearly every form she wanted to use. Sabja was the daughter of the archmage, so she was often the target of assaults but the snake had started to help her friend. This night was an important night Amphisbaene had spend ages in the workplace of one of the biggest enemys of Sabja's mother. For hours she had pretended to be a sculpture and so she had been able to hear whispered secrets and even more important she knew what the wizzard planed. He wanted to send his men to kidnap and to kill Sabja, one of his apprentices should transfer the soul of one of his cats into her body and revive her again. Nobody but Sabja knew that Amphisbaene was the strongest mage in the town and the snake did not want her friend to be killed. So she forced the wizzard to look like Sabja. Filled up with drugs they locked him in Sabja's room and were amazed finding him the next day and had a good laugh when he asked for milk.
Crystal wings and Snake
The items in this blog post come all from stores I love and they have all one thing in common. Frippery, Gilded, Sterling Artistry,Kouse's Sanctum and Wasabi Pills take all part at the Fantasy faire. Gilded made the crystal wings they come in several sizes and with and without resize script. The set contains also a crystal mask for the face. The eyes are a donation item from Sterling Artistry. They are very big as it are elf eyes and the textures are wonderful as all eyes from that store. The long ponytail hair with the twigs is the latest release from Wasabi Pills and also available without the twigs and in many many colours. I love dresses in ocean colours and so this gown from Kouse's Sanctum makes me smile. The shades of green and blue are just lovely.
Frippery bracers2
The Jewlery from Frippery fits perfectly to the rest of the outfit or the outfit fits perfectly to the jewlery. The bracers on the upper picture are the Frippery donation items at the faire. They are mod so it was no problem to make them smaller to make them fit. They look like being made of golden metal with tiny purple roses on them. The idea is great and Elizabeth, the owner of Frippery, must have spend lots of hours being very concentrated while building them.
Frippery Random Goddess
At the fantasy faire also a hunt is going on. The earrings and the necklace belong to the hunt gift from Frippery. They are made of many many small prims and look very beautiful. I guess they suit every princess, queen or fairy. A necklace also belongs to the set. Frippery takes also part in the silent auction at the fantasy faire. The prize Elizabeth offers there is very special. It is one item which will be created special for the winner of the auction. So the winner will be her muse and she will build something unique for that person. Elizabeth's skills are amazing so its a great chance to get something really special and even help the American Cancer Society by doing so.

Bracers: Frippery~Rose Among the Thorns (Female Bracers) (250$)
Necklace, Earrings: Frippery~Random Goodness (100$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes: ForestElfEyes_EdlothiaViolet_FantasyFaireExclusive (50$)
Wings: gilded: Crystal Shards (100$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - Blacks Pack (250$)
Dress: [K~*~S] Diana - Gown - Water (325$)

A big thanks to Reign ShadowWalker who is just a wonderful and pretty snake and most likely the cutest tiny snake on the grid.


  1. thank you for blogging i enjoyed the story too

  2. ^___^ Awww! Thank you for the complement Dagmar. o..o I am the cutest Tiny snake on the grid! :~D (giggles)